Senior Strategic Procurement Officer

Location: Indonesia

Functional area: Business Operations

Employment type: Full-time

Job Type: Permanent

Main Role:
  • The key role is to help procurement department to build strategic reports related to procurement department.
  • Work with stakeholder, external & internal system in collecting and exercise data to make analysis and recommendation with the reports in the capacity of procurement department.
  • Build solution to problem with planning, analysis, recommendation, and execution related to procurement department with aim for performance improvement in procurement department.
Area of Responsibilities:
  • Interacts with supervisors and peers to develop procedures to implement reporting changes. Demonstrates solid knowledge of business process risk and controls. Produce necessary reports as required for users and resolve troubleshoots or errors on the procurement ACCPAC system.
  • Selects, gathers and analyse a variety of business data to generate routine analysis. Creates ad hoc reports to extract information to support analytical efforts and participates in the design of new reports and/or systems enhancements. The reports generated including but not limited to: Spend Analysis, Categorization, Contract portfolio, Vendor Master, Resource Loading, etc.
  • Uses sound logic and judgment in performing analytical tasks. Able to link analysis to business/operational results.
  • Develop and maintain user guidelines of procurement processes/activities to ensure procurement workflow system are implemented properly and optimally.
  • Identify and recommend strategic improvements on procurement processes and activities in terms of efficiency, quantity discounts, standardization, value analysis.
  • Uses standard BSJ systems including SAGE, Accpac, Norming, etc, to gather internal spend data or procurement related data. Applies an intermediate level of expertise (macros, pivot tables, etc) in the use of spreadsheet and database applications to recap and present the data to Procurement staffs and/or Stakeholders.
  • Updates existing scorecards with new data and communicates results of analysis/work in verbal and in written form in a clear, concise manner.
  • May have contact with suppliers and/or stakeholders to clarify data received or other similar routine activities.
Analytical Services
  • Prepares period-to-period communications and trend reports, researches unusual changes, and initiates discussion about questionable transactions. Reviews and validates data for completeness and accuracy.
  • Identifies, researches, and resolves simple anomalies in data to ensure accuracy. Contacts affected work group and reviews discrepancies/process to recommend improvements.
  • Analyse historic transaction for trends. Calculates detailed cost breakdown and recommends areas for cost reduction. Provides long-term product cost consistent with business plans and industry forecasts.
  • Under direction of strategic supervisor, develops competitive information, market forecasts and consultant information. May provide limited interpretation of the information provided.
  • Collect, collate, and prepare information required during annual audit process to ensure the procurement process comply with BSJ’s standards and requirement
  • Develops relationships with stakeholder to reach strategic partnership between procurement and other department.
  • Promotes effective involvement with current work group and interface organizations.
Vendor Management
  • Coordinate biennial vendors assessment for their capability, quality, reliability and price competitiveness, to ensure that all vendors and suppliers comply with the BSJ’s standards and meet its requirements. The activities may include but not limited to; arrange the group assessment with respective team, facilitate the assessment through form, reconcile assessment results for approval and documentation.
  • Develop continuous improvement of vendor evaluation standard to achieve best possible way to measure and maintain vendor performance.
Child Protection
  • To actively promote the well-being of all students and be familiar with, and uphold all, Safeguarding policies and Child Protection procedures within the school. 
  • S1 / Bachelor Degree in Economic or Business Management.
  • 3 years of relevant experience as business analyst.
  • Understands, applies and can explain basic concepts of business analysis (risk analysis, competitive analysis) and the impact on reporting. Uses experience to address new or variable situations with awareness of the impact on reporting.
  • Listens to learn. Learning facilitation skills. May facilitate meetings within work group.
  • Able to determine which system has needed information and able to process data and standard reports from those systems

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