Head of Procurement

Location: Indonesia

Functional area: Business Operations

Employment type: Full-time

Job Type: Permanent

Main Role:
Managing the British School Jakarta (BSJ) procurement. This position will lead BSJ’s non-salary procurement; implement the procurement strategy; further develop processes and systems required to deliver procurement; and post contract management. Responsible for the strategic development of procurement to maximise value for money and achieve governance policy and procedural compliance through the support and development of best practice across the school. The HOP will provide high level procurement advice and support to the Board of Executive, senior professional management team, audit and risk committee and other Council and Board committees as may be required.  They are responsible for the sourcing and management of strategic supply contracts on behalf of BSJ and maximise economies of scale and maximise any distinct requirements relevant to the school context.
Area of Responsibilities:
Procurement Strategy
  • Responsible for the development, implementation and on-going management of the Procurement Strategy for BSJ to influence legal compliance of procurement policy and supporting governance policies and procedures across the Yayasan, and to generate value for money for BSJ in all non-salary procurement activities. Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with individual students and groups.
  • Lead the development and implementation of procurement policies and system strategies to support tendering, contracts management, spend analytics and supplier performance management.
  • Lead the development of new supply chains including small/medium enterprises (SMEs) to create greater competition and align the business to category procurement strategies.
  • Drive continuous improvement, best value and quality improvements within the team and departments across the school in challenging existing practices and actively seek ways to achieve better outcomes, contributing to ensure key performance and financial targets are met and corrective action taken where necessary.
  • To leverage resources across all boundaries to support business goals, bringing all expertise necessary to address the school’s challenges to safeguard against contractual and commercial risk.
  • Work with the school’s ‘Value for Money’ strategy, as promoted by its Trustees, Governors and Executive, to identify and capitalise on purchasing opportunities as they arise.
Procurement Management
  • Report to the Council of Trustees, Audit and Risk Committee, Board of Governors, Board of Executive and respective committees as may be required from time to time to provide up to date status reports on procurement to include development, demonstrate value for money and compliance to regulatory procurement requirements, including Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Fraud.
  • Ensure all aspects of regulatory compliance are adhered to in regard to the respective Procurement Policies and external requirements and implement strategies that safeguard the Yayasan’s contractual and commercial risk.
  • Develop excellent and effective collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and external providers and other agencies to ensure strategic and operational needs are fully understood and incorporated.
  • Establish and manage future demand and capacity planning including the development to supplier risk management.
  • Promote importance of procurement across the organisation and best practice through continuous improvement.
  • Act as the principle conduit for formal communications with external companies during the procurement process.
  • Facilitate development of relationship with existing and potential suppliers.
People Management and Development
  • Take overall responsibility for the management and development of staff within the Procurement Department including staff reliability, absence, flexibility and punctuality.
  • Take responsibility for analysing workloads within the Department and ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of workload.
  • Develop and implement effective mechanisms for managing and resolving issues of conflict within the Department.
  • Plan and organise the appraisals of staff with the HR Department, identifying staff development needs within the Procurement Department.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally in both formal and informal situations in accordance with organisational standards, recognising that communication should be effective at various levels. 
  • Ensure that communication routes within the Procurement department are clearly defined, effective, efficient and active and in accordance with School policies and procedures.
  • Effectively communicate guidance and advisory material, on various procurement matters, to trustees, governors, management, departments and staff at BSJ.
  • Communicate effectively with own line manager in the provision of regular informal and formal updates.
Service Delivery
  • Take overall responsibility for the service delivery of the Procurement Department.
  • Develop, quantify, evaluate and monitor an appropriate set of performance indicators for the Procurement Department.
  • Set the overall standard for the Procurement service, monitoring service levels, whilst maintaining overall quality standards and balancing conflicting demands.
  • Constantly engage in a process of reviewing, modifying and monitoring the operation of the Procurement Department in order to improve the quality of service, respond to the changing needs of stakeholders and ensure efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.
  • Take responsibility to ensure that staff in the Procurement Department have the support they need to provide quality service and to fulfil their roles.
  • Co-ordinate, and where appropriate, provide professional input and take overall administrative responsibility for all stages of procurement process, including procurement planning, sourcing, contracting, contract management, acquisition and evaluation.
Planning and Organising and Managing Resources
  • Take overall responsibility and accountability for the operational planning and organisation, management and day to day running of the Procurement Department including:
  • Managing the effective, efficient and economic use of physical, financial and human resources;
  • effective and efficient scheduling and management of staff within the Department;
  • setting operational standards and monitoring progress against agreed criteria for the Department;
  • preparing, negotiating and managing the Department’s budget including identifying future requirements in terms of operating and capital expenditure budgets;
  • effectively planning and prioritisation of own time and  resources and structuring work programmes to meet appropriate Department and School deadlines.
  • Ensure timely and relevant management information is available to support forward School planning and for, in particular, the Business Working Group of the Board of Governors and the Audit and Risk Committee.
  • Incorporate Health and Safety at work considerations into the planning and organisation of resources.
Team work, motivation and team development
  • Recognise the importance of leading by example, demonstrating effectiveness by working productively, creatively and collaboratively within various School teams, acting as a responsible team member and meeting agreed deadlines.
  • Contribute effectively to the work of colleagues, collaborating to identify and respond to the needs of all stakeholders and providing leadership as necessary.
  • Assist the School in developing the spirit of team working, employing techniques which encourage and motivate others.
Analysis & Research
  • Undertake the analysis or research necessary for the completion of management reports or to formulate proposals.
  • Undertake specific analysis in relation to procurement matters in consultation with the General Counsel and/or Head of Finance.
  • Undertake appropriate analysis or research in order to function at a professional level and within the Procurement department.
Knowledge and Expertise
  • Develop professional expertise to maintain the currency of own knowledge and disseminate and apply the result of such activity.
  • Be committed to continuing professional development and evaluation of practice, including involvement in scholarly activity and maintaining or gaining membership of a relevant professional body.
  • Undertake relevant staff development and encourage team members to participate at their appropriate level.
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of own specialism to enable the development of new knowledge and understanding within each aspect of the department.
  • Demonstrate continuous specialist development, acquiring and refining skills and expertise in new or related areas through undertaking and encouraging internal or external development activity.
  • Apply a breadth or depth of experience showing full working knowledge and proficiency of own area of expertise, acting as a point of reference to others.

Child Protection
  • Actively promote the well-being of all students and be familiar with, and uphold all, Safeguarding policies and Child Protection procedures within the school.
  • S2 / Master of Business, Engineering, Economics or Applied Science or equivalent. Qualified purchasing professional or be in a position to achieve within 12 months and with signifcant relevant work experience.
  • 10-12  years of relevant experience, and 8+ years of leadership experience.
  • Compellingly promote strategic procurement at a senior level across the organisation;
  • High degree of proactive interaction with stakeholders, allocates resources and monitors implementation status and organises other departments to support strategy implementation.  Able to adapt and modify implementation to suit business needs;
  • High level of ability in the development and implementation of procurement policies which support broader organisational goals such as equality, diversity and sustainability;
  • Demonstrated leadership of clearly specifying the requirements for historic spend analysis and as input for forecasting and strategic planning;
  • Well-developed understanding of the supplier market.  Leads the definition and application of rigorous differentiating and useable evaluation criteria and frameworks for supplier accreditation and monitoring;
  • In-depth knowledge of market and business requirements to identify potential suppliers, challenges and encourages suppliers to respond with proposals that fulfill requirements, in terms of Value for Money (VFM);
  • Knowledge of business needs and market experience to assist clients to shape clear and precise specifications.  Skilfully questions clients to help them clarify their specification; think through possible unintended outcomes, and to challenge “wants” versus “needs”.
  • Leadership in developing an appropriately sophisticated categorization of purchase items and suitable approach or treatment that is suitable for it;
  • In-depth understanding and is able to lead the full range of procurement activities.  Encourages the development of procurement quality.
  • Oversee of production of clear and effective contracts with well-defined deliverables, and ensures a shared understanding between contracting parties.  Applies a general understanding of a range of contract models, if any, and suggests the most appropriate model for the situation;
  • Able to verify expected business value, communicates risk and provides appropriate potential solutions.  Establishes continuous feedback mechanism to ensure client satisfaction is improved;
  • Provides supervision and leads to ensure all materials are received as desired in terms of qualitative and quantitative aspects;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels across all cultures, expatriate and local Indonesian staff;
  • Ability to communicate fluently through the medium of English – oral and written;
  • The capability of demonstrating strong self-motivation;
  • Possesses the mental stamina to deal effectively with a large number of complex and competing demands;
  • Ability to work unsupervised and to direct own work;
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual, as part of a team and in partnership with others;
  • Recognizes the importance of building sound working relationships;
  • Recognizes the need for, and demonstrates appropriate, confidentiality;
  • Demonstrates respect for the diverse range of people;
  • Ability to demonstrate sensitivity, diplomacy and resilience when required;
  • Adopts a positive approach and commitment to Lifelong learning on an organisational and personal level;

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