Individual Needs (IN) Coordinator

Location: Indonesia

Functional area: Whole School

Employment type: Full-time

Job Type: Permanent


This Core Competence has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by Employees within the above mentioned position. It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties and responsibilities. On condition the Employee has the relevant skills, expertise and qualifications these may therefore be subject to future amendments, without additional payment, following appropriate consultation between the Head of Secondary/Head of Primary and the Employee and at the discretion of the Principal.
Responsibility to:      Head of Secondary
Line Manager:           Deputy Head of Secondary (Wellbeing)
Core purpose:           To lead the development and provision of Individual Needs and gifted and talented in the Secondary School, ensuring that the school meets the needs of all students.
General duties and responsibilities
  • To participate in and support the broad range of activities and extracurricular events within the school.
  • To contribute to teaching in supporting IN students throughout the Secondary faculties.
  • To actively promote the well-being of all students and be familiar with all Child Protection and Safeguarding policies and procedures within the school.
  • To take responsibility for upholding Health and Safety practise within your own working area and be responsible for carrying out risk assessments and recording near misses as appropriate.
Core Responsibilities
  • To embed the school Mission and Guiding Principles into daily practice, providing strong leadership and inspiring a shared vision for Student Services.
  • To model excellent practice in teaching and learning.
  • To implement the Whole School Teaching and Learning policy as applicable.
  • To effectively manage change.
  • To build and sustain a cohesive and collaborative support staff team, providing both support and challenge to enable best practice in Individual Needs and support staff well-being.
  • To ensure that line management processes and procedures are followed as per school policy within the faculty and that cause for concern is raised, discussed and acted upon with the agreement of the line manager.
  • To ensure that student testing is conducted in a timely manner and that outcomes are communicated effectively to all stakeholders as appropriate.
  • To ensure that IN information is accessible and up to date on the school management system and ensure that registers and documentation are regularly updated and shared with staff.
  • To ensure that individual support programmes for students (in class and withdrawal) are appropriate to student needs and are regularly reviewed by members of the faculty, class and subject teachers.
  • To work collaboratively with Middle Leaders and all teachers to devise effective support strategies for IN students, providing effective professional learning on differentiation as required.
  • To monitor assessment practices within the faculty ensuring that school policy is followed and that staff are confident in the use of assessment.
  • To monitor the progress of registered IN students by using tracking data and gathering regular feedback from teachers sharing as appropriate with the leadership teams in the Secondary Schools.
  • To conduct an annual Examinations Review of IGCSE and IB results under the guidance of the Deputy Head of Secondary, analysing data to identify, strengths, trends and areas for targeted improvement for identified IN students.
  • To carry out a 'Faculty Audit' as required with the support of the line manager.
  • To lead, manage and provide on-going training for all staff in the Faculty, ensuring that staff are cognisant in their role and that teachers provide materials and guidance to maximise support.
  • To contribute to school evaluation processes as appropriate, e.g. IB Review and CIS Accreditation processes.
  • To develop positive, professional relationships with colleagues, students, parents and all stakeholders to develop a strong partnership focused on supporting students.
  • To promote the use of evidence based research in Individual Needs learning within the faculty and across the school.
  • To monitor the quality of teaching and learning in the faculty and carry out two formal lesson observations in the first two terms of the academic year, as per the lesson observation procedure.
  • To obtain constructive student and parent feedback on support provided and action areas for improvement.
  • To ensure that faculty staff integrate technology into learning, as appropriate.
  • To ensure that the faculty follows the school Behaviour Management Policy; using the correct lines of communication to raise concern and work collaboratively with Form Tutors and Year Leaders.
  • To lead the sharing of good practice within the faculty.
  • To ensure that staff development needs within the faculty are identified, supported (reasonably) and evaluated for impact on student learning.
  • To work collaboratively with Middle Leaders and all teachers to devise effective support strategies for IN students, providing effective CPD for staff on differentiation as required.
  • To contribute to staff INSET and Parent Workshops as requested.
  • Actively promote the well-being of all students and be familiar with, and uphold all, Safeguarding  policies and Child Protection procedures within the school.
  • In liaison with your Line Manager, take responsibility for upholding Health and Safety practise within your own working area and be responsible for completing risk assessments/near misses as appropriate.
Learning Environment:
  • To ensure that Faculty teaching rooms and areas provide a safe and stimulating environment.
  • To ensure that teaching rooms and Faculty areas are visually appealing and regularly updated.
Administration and Communication:
  • To create effective channels of communication within the faculty.
  • To ensure that Faculty meetings are well planned and focused on teaching and learning and that meeting minutes are shared with the line manager.
  • To attend meetings as required.
  • To ensure that appropriate testing takes place to determine the level of English proficiency and student needs during the student application process and advise on the suitability/accessibility of the BSJ programme for students with disclosed Individual Needs to Heads of School prior to acceptance at the school.
  • To oversee all testing for IN students and monitor progress, taking action as required.
  • To manage the teacher referral process and ensure that an accurate and updated register of IN students is maintained and socialised with staff.
  • To lead the Individual Action Plan process, ensuring that plans are accessible on iSAMs and that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities and input.
  • To maintain accurate timetables for IN staff and co-ordinate cover for absent staff.
  • To maintain and update all Individual Needs policy documents ensuring alignment to the Whole School Improvement Plan.
  • To organise exam accommodations for students with specific needs in liaison with the Examinations Officer.
  • Any other task as reasonably required by the Head of Secondary School.

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