School Counsellor

Location: Indonesia

Functional area: Whole School

Employment type: Full-time

Job Type: Contract



The School Counsellor is responsible for providing a professional counselling service to the student body as necessary and if applicable and to assist students in decision making processes and problem solving whilst empowering them with the skills to cope with the ever changing circumstances of their own personal, social and emotional development.  The Counsellor also liaises closely with teaching staff in identifying areas for development within the curriculum and in supporting the pastoral care programmes across the school. The Counsellor also contributes to the partnership between home and school by leading Parent workshops and providing useful information for parents.

Applications are invited from experienced and dynamic professionals who hold a relevant degree and work experience in the education sector. Individuals must be outstanding practitioners who will lead by example, who are highly committed, possesses excellent organisational and communication skills. Every member of the teaching staff is expected to provide one extra-curricular activity session as a minimum per week and are also expected to contribute to wider aspects of community and school life.


General duties and responsibilities include but are not exclusive to;
  • To counsel students of all ages in understanding and dealing with social, behavioural, and personal problems and facilitate opportunities for students to develop their social skills, positive self-concept/self-esteem, and problem management strategies.
  • To provide support, and implement strategies, for students individually, in small or large groups and, as appropriate, inform and discuss with class teachers, Form Tutors,  Year Leaders and the leadership teams.
  • To immediately report any potential Child Protection issues to the DCPO's in the Primary and Secondary Schools.
  • To liaise with the school medical team on any student issues including mental health support, sexual health and drug and alcohol use.
  • To maintain up to date client records and any other documentation related to the post as appropriate and present termly summaries in line management meetings.
  • To separately liaise with the Assistant Heads for Student Well -being in the Primary and  Secondary Schools as appropriate.
  • To liaise with the Assistant Heads Student Well-being of Primary and Secondary in the planning and delivery of the PSHE programme as appropriate to the role of Counsellor.
  • To facilitate and partake in developmental programmes designed to help students with their personal, social, health and emotional development.
  • To support Peer Support groups in the Primary and Secondary school as appropriate.
  • To provide presentations and workshops on issues, as appropriate, within the Primary and Secondary School Workshop programmes for parents.
  • To prepare and keep updated a database of external agencies and specialists in relation to further counselling, and associated bodies/organisations both in Jakarta and overseas.
Other Professional Requirements
  • To work within ethical guidelines as outlined by the profession and within the requirements of the BACP Code of Ethics
  • To maintain confidentiality within professional requirements and school policy. Confidentiality will be compromised on a need to know basis, when a student is at risk and/or other students are involved.
  • To establish and maintain effective working relationships with professional colleagues, governors and parents, modelling the traits of the BSJ Learner Profile.
  • To ensure equal opportunities for all students.
  • To communicate as required with professional colleagues, governors and parents, for example in written forms and meetings, in respect of the duties and responsibilities of the post.
  • Be respectful, empathic, compassionate, and non-judgmental in dealing with all students, parents, teachers and staff.
  • To produce an annual service report and action plan that links to the School Improvement Plans.
  • To contribute to strategic planning in the Primary and Secondary school as appropriate to the role of counsellor.
  • To participate in, and support, the broad range of activities and extra-curricular events that take place in the Primary and Secondary school as appropriate to the Counsellor's role.
  • To actively promote the well-being of all students and be familiar with, and uphold all, Safeguarding policies and Child Protection procedures within the school.
  • To take responsibility for upholding Health and Safety practices within the working area and be responsible for completing risk assessments/near misses as appropriate.

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